How to Watch Hessischer Rundfunk Live

Hessischer Rundfunk Live: Do you want to listen to your computer right now without having to turn on the radio? No problem: With the hr3 Webradio you can hear us everywhere online.

Katja’s heart beats for Philip, but her mind says Stop! At least as long as Philipp directs the case against her father – confused, she confesses to Caroline why she met at the worst possible time. Nadine, too, has to swallow her disappointment when she realizes that Falk is no longer sex with her.

Hessischer Rundfunk Live

She feels used, but she will pay attention to her advantage! First, Falk has to get her a pharmacist’s license to make her plan work. Nils tries to understand why Carla angrily renounced her ‘half’ of the second star. Christa must learn from the new mayor Anne Lichtenhagen that her consulting contract cannot be extended – just because of the austerity program that Thomas has designed!

Hessischer Rundfunk Live

Listen to hr3 via a browser

No matter if you’re on vacation or you’ve just completely emigrated to Shanghai: wherever you are in this world, hr3 is close to you! Turn on your computer, go to and press the big play button below to hear hr3 right in your browser – around the clock and around the globe! And with a click on the small arrow in the middle of the player, you can also show you which title was last played and which will be heard immediately.

Listen to hr3 with Windows Media Player & Co.

You can also play the hr3 stream via all common players, eg “VLC Player”, “Windows Media Player”, “iTunes” or via streaming radio.


If you own a streaming radio, then you can hear about these two addresses hr3 via the Internet in an external device:

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Listen to hr3 with your smartphone And not to forget: You can of course also hear us on your smartphone! The hr3 app for Android and iOS offers you not only a wealth of up-to-date information but also the option of listening to the hr3 program via stream. It’s best to install right away:

The Hessischer Rundfunk, which produces for Das Erste among others, can be seen via the HR live stream.

The branch transmitter on country life not only captivates by its local news. Rather, HR produces part of the program of the ARD. In addition to contributing to Tagesschau and other news formats, ttt, plus-minus, the Lotto numbers and episodes from the Tatort film series are provided by HR.

Of course, the corresponding formats also run on the Hessian radio itself, which is also receivable while on the move, as long as a computer with an Internet connection is available to access the HR live stream.

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